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Answers to Technology questions for implementing ITIL®

Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4
How to get people to log tickets
How to manage the new ITSM tool once it goes live
Should everyone be allowed to create CIs
How many ITSM tool licenses do we need
Should we migrate old tickets to the new ITSM tool
Is there a book to help us get going with ServiceNow
Do we need to consult the Union before implementing a new ITSM tool, SLAs or Client Satisfaction Surveys
How many categories do we need
We need categories to classify the cause of IT security incidents
How to come up with categories for our service requests
Do people need training if the ITSM tool is easy to learn
How to track issues and enhancements users have with the ITSM tool once it goes live
How to ensure that people attend training for the ITSM Tool
Do I.T. People need user training for the ITSM tool and how to get them to attend (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 13 Sept. 2013).pdf
Who is responsible to administer the ITSM Tool after it goes live
Is there a standard we can use for the CMDB structure
How to determine how many tasks should be in a workflow
How to identify workflows to develop first (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 16 June 2014).pdf
How to manage the new ITSM tool once it goes live (Service Matters - Issue 15 Feb. 2014).pdf
Why asking what you want to report on is the wrong way to implement a tool
What are the challenges of automating the approvals of service requests
How to identify workflows to develop first
Why does it take so much effort to automate a process into a workflow
Should we stop the clock to avoid breaching the SLA

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"Companies get the systems they deserve. A company's systems estate is a result of its culture, organizational history, and its funding structures. Coherent, well-integrated systems will only ever exists in companies that value coherence and integrated service."

Jim Cook, chief architect at British Telecom as quoted in Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, Harvard Business Review, 2006, p.202


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