Incident Management

Answers to ITIL® Incident Management questions

Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4
Where to download a free ITIL v3 glossary of terms and abbreviations
Do we need an RFC to resolve a break-fix incident
Where to download a free introduction to ITIL v3
How to get people to log tickets
Should incidents be closed or kept open for monitoring
Should the incident be closed as soon as the RFC is logged
How to improve the quality of Service Desk functional escalations
How can we tell that no one has taken ownership of an Incident before we get a complaint
How to close incidents and request for service when users are not getting back to us
How much detail should people put in tickets
Should a Problem be opened for every Major Incident
Should a problem be logged for every unexplained incident
Should a Major Incident be declared if it was resolved automatically by the fail-over
We need categories to classify the cause of IT security incidents
Should the incident be reopened or a new one logged
Who closes the Major Incident
How to ensure that incidents and service requests are closed quickly when there is no SLA
How to automate the chasing of users to confirm that their incident or service request can be closed
Should the incident be reopened or a new one logged (itSMF Service Matters - Issue 18 April 2015).pdf
Users are not getting back to us. How to avoid breaching our SLAs
How to reduce the number of incidents caused by user training
Is a How-to an Incident or a Service Request
The incident was resolved by replacing the hardware. Should the incident be kept open to manage the repair process
Does an emergency change need an incident
How does it work when an incident requires a change
Should projects log Incidents and Problems

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