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Implementation Quotes
ITIL Process Quotes
Where to download a free glossary of ITIL 4
Where to download a free ITIL v3 glossary of terms and abbreviations
Do we need an RFC to resolve a break-fix incident
Where to download a free introduction to ITIL v3
How to get people to log tickets
Should incidents be closed or kept open for monitoring
Is a bulk data load a change
Should RFCs be logged when an undocumented or unauthorized change is discovered
Should the incident be closed as soon as the RFC is logged
What are examples of standard changes
Is a server reboot a change
Should everyone be allowed to create CIs
ITSM Quotes
Should we force everyone to manage to the SLA deadline
How to make sure VIPs do not wait when calling the Service Desk
Why every process flow-chart should have a swim-lane for the Service Desk
Do we need an SLA for VIPs
Is the Service Desk a service
How to improve the quality of Service Desk functional escalations
How to get the service desk to provide the right answers – The Structure
How can we tell that no one has taken ownership of an Incident before we get a complaint
How to close incidents and request for service when users are not getting back to us
How much detail should people put in tickets
We need a strategy and roadmap to implement a CMDB
Which CIs to load first in the CMDB
Is there a book to help us prepare our CMDB project plan
What are the top 10 mistakes when building a CMDB
Should a process change go to the CAB
Should everyone be allowed to log problems
Should a Problem be opened for every Major Incident
How to first introduce Problem Management
Should a problem be logged for every unexplained incident
What is a change
How to manage unauthorized changes
Is there a book to help us develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Should unauthorized changes have their own process
Why approve a change that was already made
Should each software version be a separate CI –or- should it be an attribute of the CI
Which problem management technique should we use
Are changes approved or authorized
How to continuously improve the ITIL Change Management Process
What are the stages of maturity for the ITIL Change Management Process
Do we need to log an RFC for a Standard Change
Who should log the RFC
Do we need to consult the Union before implementing a new ITSM tool, SLAs or Client Satisfaction Surveys
Who is responsible for the CI relationships
How to simplify the approvals of service requests
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